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Structural consolidation: Kimia gained the Technical Approval for 10 composite FRP systems

Certified composite systems

Kimia gained the "C.I.T." (Technical Approval) for 10 composite FRP systems for structural consolidation. Let's see the details.


Structural interventions with non-traditional materials

Structural interventions with non-traditional materials

Here you are method statements related to our standard cycles for the above-mentioned kind of intervention


How to reinforce and preserve wooden floors & roofs

Strengthening of roofs

Plates and carbon fibre mesh are the best solution to reinforce and consolidate deteriorated wooden structures. Read why and how to use them.


Composite materials for building? The technician's response

Composite materials are more and more applicated in the structural-reinforcement-field techniques. However, whether employed in reinforced concrete structures or in masonry buildings adaptation, in the choice of the materials we are never facing with a single solution.
But what do we really know about composite materials and about fields in where are applied? Furthermore, how to properly choose the right cycle and materials to use for?

The above questions are answered by Eng. Stefano Agnetti, Kimia S.p.A Tecnchical Support Dpt.


The Rondanini Pietà safe thanks to Kimitech FRP-LOCK® PR

The Rondanini Pietà safe thanks to Kimiteck FRP-LOCK PR

The famous Michelangelo's sculpture, dating back to the XVI century, from May 2nd 2015, at the opening of EXPO 2015, is back again visible to visitors from around the world inside a new location of the Palazzo Sforzesco in Milan. Infact, after 60 years spent in the Hall of the Scarlioni, it has been housed in one of the lovely rooms recently recovered from the ancient Spanish Hospital and placed, for the occasion, on an advanced basement able to make it immune from both eventual seismic actions and frequent vibrations generated by the visitors and by the passage of the underground trains nearby.


Kimitech FRP-LOCK® – Patented antidelamination locking system

Kimitech FRP-LOCK®Kimitech FRP-LOCK® is the mechanical locking system patented, tested and certified to be used together with a structural reinforcement with composite materials, in order to improve the performances of the system in its entirety.

Kimitech FRP-LOCK® action, indeed, by preventing the delamination of the fibers applied to the support, let the locking system be more efficient by best exploiting the resistances theoretically ensured by the composites.

That feature is particularly useful when the reinforcements are applied:


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