Kimia S.p.A.

Our international network

Kimia has been working for years with international contracts and contacts as a technical and scientific partner and supplier.
Our solutions are available, thanks to high-skilled dealers,in many countries in the Mediaterranean area.

What do we offer?

 In addition to our wide and specialised range of products we are also providing:

  • Chemical and scientific analysis for interventions on monuments needing a good knowledge of the existing materials (through our laboratory and our reliable network of laboratories)
  • Products customization (thanks to our R&D dpt)
  • Project technical assistance
  • ​​​​Information on basic requirements (by our Commercial Experts)
  • ​Calculation technical details (by our Technical Department)
  • Implementation of tests and projects (by our reliable Designer network)
  • Technical assistance before and after the intervention (through our Sale Experts and commercial network)
  • Application training courses
  • Recurrent training: meetings, conferences and social networks

Any international contacts interested in becoming our technical and commercial partners or dealers?

Please contact our head office:

Tel. 0039 3925397020

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