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Concrete renovation. Compressive strengths of Betonfix mortars compared (infographic)

Concrete renovation. Compressive strengths of Betonfix mortars compared

For the repair of concrete structures it is necessary to use CE marked materials with specific properties. These are regulated by the UNI EN 1504. Among the specified requirements one of the main concerns the compressive strength whose values determine four membership classes of mortars, thus, their field of application. By considering the above classes, what is the compressive strenght of our products? Let's explain it with an infographic reporting Betonfix range mortars.


The seismic assessment of the Rondanini Pietà won the "Global Best Project"

Pietà Rondanini:  Miyamoto International the "Global Best Project"

Engineering News-Record announced that the seismic assessment project of the Rondanini Pietà, Michelangelo's latest masterpiece, has won the "Global Best Project 2016". A highly prestigious award won for the third year by the engineering office Miyamoto International, who coordinated the whole project. The award is also a recognition of the work done by Kimia, which developed the anchoring system of the sculpture to the anti-seismic basement.


The Rondanini Pietà safe thanks to Kimitech FRP-LOCK® PR

The Rondanini Pietà safe thanks to Kimiteck FRP-LOCK PR

The famous Michelangelo's sculpture, dating back to the XVI century, from May 2nd 2015, at the opening of EXPO 2015, is back again visible to visitors from around the world inside a new location of the Palazzo Sforzesco in Milan. Infact, after 60 years spent in the Hall of the Scarlioni, it has been housed in one of the lovely rooms recently recovered from the ancient Spanish Hospital and placed, for the occasion, on an advanced basement able to make it immune from both eventual seismic actions and frequent vibrations generated by the visitors and by the passage of the underground trains nearby.


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