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Degradation of concrete structures and interventions to increase their durability

Degradationn of concrete structures

The deterioration of concrete is a phenomenon that requires cortical restoration interventions and protection of the structures. Find out more.


5 steps to take before waterproofing

Preliminary stages of waterproofing

This time we are talking about the preliminary steps of the waterproofing. We created a guide which summarizes and explains the steps to follow to get great results.


Traditional masonry reinforcement techniques: injections and repointing

Traditional techniques of masonry reinforcement

Innovative solutions such as composite materials are used to improve masonry strength but sometimes traditional techniques are the most suitable ones. 


How to reinforce and preserve wooden floors & roofs

Strengthening of roofs

Plates and carbon fibre mesh are the best solution to reinforce and consolidate deteriorated wooden structures. Read why and how to use them.


Composite materials for building? The technician's response

Composite materials are more and more applicated in the structural-reinforcement-field techniques. However, whether employed in reinforced concrete structures or in masonry buildings adaptation, in the choice of the materials we are never facing with a single solution.
But what do we really know about composite materials and about fields in where are applied? Furthermore, how to properly choose the right cycle and materials to use for?

The above questions are answered by Eng. Stefano Agnetti, Kimia S.p.A Tecnchical Support Dpt.


Fabrics in stainless or galvanized steel: an experimental comparison

KimisteelAs pioneers in the use of the steel meshes for structural strenghtening (Kimisteel range), we are aware of the importance that a parameter like the durability plays in the planning of a safeguard reinforcement. It’s precisely in this type of investigation that takes place the experimentation – the results are shown below – that compares the Kimia solution in Kimisteel INOX stainless steel with the other solutions that are using the galvanized one. 


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