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Structural consolidation: Kimia gained the Technical Approval for 10 composite FRP systems

Certified composite systems

Kimia gained the "C.I.T." (Technical Approval) for 10 composite FRP systems for structural consolidation. Let's see the details

Kimia gained the Technical Approval (C.I.T.) for 10 fiber-reinforced composite systems from the Kimitech range. The certificate is valid only in the Italian territory but represents an absolute guarantee of quality also in the foreign market because our FRP systems in carbon fiber have been considered perfectly suitable for use in the structural consolidation of existing buildings.

The certificate has been issued by the Central Committee of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport through a collaboration with ITC-CNR (European Notified body), thus the certificate can be adopted to demonstrate the performances of these systems in all the EU countries (it is practically an ETA).

Let's have a look at the certified systems:

  • Primer Kimicover FIX;
  • Bonding resin Kimitech EP-TX (also available in a more thixotropic version Kimitech EP-TX/311);
  • Impregnation resin Kimitech EP-IN (also available in the fast setting version Kimitech EP-IN/50 and in the medium viscosity version Kimitech EP-IN/CMP);
  • Reinforcing fabric based on High resistance Carbon Fibers of the Kimitech CB family (namely Kimitech CB 320, Kimitech CB 420, Kimitech CB 620, Kimitech CB 820; Kimitech CB ST 300; Kimitech CB 380 MTX) as well as High modulus carbon fibers of the Kimitech CBA family (Kimitech CBA 320, Kimitech CBA 420, Kimitech CB 620);
  • Reinforcing plates Kimitech PLATE.

Carbon fibre system application on site

The advantages of the certified systems

All systems have been tested by Laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to assess:

  1. Durability: systems after different types of agening cycles (freeze-thaw, humidity, salts, alkaline environments) must retain at least 85% of the original resistances.
  2. Mechanical strengths: Kimitech CB systems are categorized as 210/2700C systems; Kimitech CBA 320 is a 350/2800C systems while the other Kimitech CBA are 350/1750C systems; Kimitech PLATE is a C150/2300 system.

PS: The first number of the category stands for the modulus of elasticity in GPa of the FRP system, while the second number refers to the characteristic tensile stress at failure.

We would like to stress the fact that Kimia certified the largest number of systems among all competitors: we wanted to make so that the solutions could adapt to all the needs of the projects, and not vice versa

All professionals willing to use composite FRPs for their projects, from now on, can:

  • Adopt qualified, officially tested and approved systems.
  • Refer to specific guidlines for the design of reinforcements.

Technical Support

If you are planning or performing a structural consolidation project, feel free to contact us on our website contact form, by chat on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. Our team of structural engineers is at your disposal for a customised support.

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