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Kimia is distributed in many countries around the world. The company's products have been used in prestigious construction sites since 1979.

In order to complete the range of products and services to be offered to the market, Kimia evaluate proposals for possible synergies targeted marketing and / or production license

In addition to the certifications of international organizations, Kimia SpA is able to offer end customers and their trading partners care professional and highly accurate and efficient service capable of providing certainty in the outcome to all users of the products. In particular Kimia products are designed to be applied in six macro areas:

  • Monument building;
  • Residential building;
  • Infrastructures;
  • Sport facilities;
  • Plumbing works;
  • Industrial building.

Our product range includes:

  • Mortars and dehumidifying resin;
  • Structural adhesives;
  • Tile adhesives;
  • Waterproofing products for pools;
  • Waterproofing products for purification plants, reservoirs for drinking water;
  • Waterproofing products for terraces of coverage;
  • Cleaners and protective products for stone facades and / or plaster;
  • Cleaners and protective products for stone;
  • Ecological Antigraffiti treatment;
  • Epoxy resin and polyurethane for flooring and coatings industries, laboratories, etc..;
  • Pozzolanic limes of ancient tradition for the restoration of old historic buildings (churches, castles etc.);
  • Insulating mortar (to achieve thermal insulation plaster and screeds);
  • FRP composites, carbon fiber tape and glass fibers to reinforce concrete structures and masonry;
  • Shrinking proof mortars for the restoration of reinforced concrete;
  • Self-leveling mortar screed before laying flooring, vinyl flooring and ceramic floor tiles.

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