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Kimitech FRP-LOCK® – Patented antidelamination locking system

Kimitech FRP-LOCK®Kimitech FRP-LOCK® is the mechanical locking system patented, tested and certified to be used together with a structural reinforcement with composite materials, in order to improve the performances of the system in its entirety.

Kimitech FRP-LOCK® action, indeed, by preventing the delamination of the fibers applied to the support, let the locking system be more efficient by best exploiting the resistances theoretically ensured by the composites.

That feature is particularly useful when the reinforcements are applied:

  • On poor quality supports in where the absence of a mechanical connection reinforcement leads to a cohesive failure on the cortical layer of the strengthened element before letting the fibers working the better as possible;
  • For the reinforcement of elements (such as forks pillars of prefabricated structures and road decks) which are expected to go into crisis due to dynamic stress conditions: without end connections and by following the movements of the structure, the composite is likely to be disconnected from the support when subjected to compression, being , therefore, unable to exert its resistance in the subsequent phase in which would have worked in traction.

Thanks to the better exploitation of the resistances of the materials used, the interventions that use Kimitech FRP-LOCK® could be of a more limited extension, resulting in: more economical, by virtue of the obvious savings (in terms of materials and labor); less invasives, therefore, particularly reversibles.

Kimitech FRP-LOCK® is a monolithic block of composite material with a metallic eyelet inserted through. From the main body, stretches out a portion of free fibers to be impregnated - through expoxy resin - in situ in order to restore the structural continuity of the composite. Kimitech FRP-LOCK® is the termination of the reinforcement in composite material that ensures, thanks to its convenient eyelet, endless possibilities of anchoring.

Kimitech FRP-LOCK® not only facilitates and speeds up the laborious operations of anchoring but makes them more reliable: the anchors are no longer objects made in situ (with all the uncertainties and randomness it may imply) but preformed elements assembled at industrial level.

Kimitech FRP-LOCK® is available in various formats to best suit the various measures of reinforcements with Kimia composite materials, available on the market. In addition, upon request, Kimia may provide to pre-assemble Kimitech FRP-LOCK® with its tape over the length needed to run the full reinforcement.

A special version of Kimitech FRP-LOCK® called PR, was used to anchor the statue of the Michelangelo's Pietà Rondanini to the anti-seismic basement, during its relocation inside the Palazzo Sforzesco.

CLICK to download the data sheet of Kimitech FRP-LOCK®

CLICK to download the technical file on the innovative anchors


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