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Kimitech CBA


Kimitech CBA is a family of high modulus modulus carbon fiber reinforcement fabrics specific for structural consolidation. The product, suitably treated, can be finished with skim coatings, plasters, varnishes or with fire protection (in this case, contact our Technical Department).


Kimitech CBA fabrics are used for structural consolidations of r.c., steel, wood and masonry elements. They are particularly suitable for plating inflected elements, reinforce cut beams and partitions, confine pillars and, in general, to reinforce buildings.


  • Performing: high mechanical resistance even at low weight and thickness. Excellent resistance to stray currents, solvents, acids.
  • Versatile: may orient and size the reinforcement depending on the structure needs. Reversible.
  • Easy application: fast and easy to lay, even for quick works.

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