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Kimia with ITA and Assorestauro at the workshop in Lebanon

Labanon restoration workshop

On 25-28 July we will be in Beirut for a workshop on archaeological sites preservation and historic buildings restoration. Here the details of the prestigious event.

Assorestauro and some of the most relevant Italian companies in the field of historic buildings restoration will be in Beirut, Lebanon. A four-day workshop focusing on three important issues: preservation of archaeological sites, renovation of monuments and creation of new museums.

The event is organized by ITA - Agency for Promotion Abroad and Internationalization of Italian Companies - and will be held from July 25-28, 2017. The workshop is an important showcase for the Italian companies involved, enabling them to better know the Lebanese market and to meet potential local partners involved in significant restoration projects.

We remind you that Lebanon boasts five UNESCO sites and at the moment there are several programs for the preservation of its cultural and historical heritage, seriously damaged by the conflicts of 2006. One of the main is the "Cultural Heritage and Urban Development" to which Italy participates with the World Bank.

Kimia will take part in the workshop, we are well-known in Italy in the field of monumental restoration technologies and increasingly oriented towards the Mediterranean area.
We asked some questions about it to the Eng. Diego Aisa, Kimia's Chief of Export Department. Read his interview.

Eng. DIego Aisa

Hi Diego, are you ready for the event?

Yes indeed. Thanks to the operational support of IITA, Assorestauro, all participating companies and our reseller in Lebanon, we are now almost ready. Documentation and samples for in situ tests were sent a few days ago and they are now waiting for us in Beirut. Given the practical approach of the initiative, I have just completed - with the help of Kimia Technical Office - a dossier collecting our method statements.

Sounds interesting. Is this new documentation meant only on the occasion of the workshop?

Well, no, it is part of our polcy aiming at continually increase our technical services. In fact, Kimia is always seeking for new ways to provide an effective help to all actors involved in the maintenance of both historical/monumental buildings and r.c. structures of every kind. Given the high-number of requests about best procedures for the correct application of our products, we eventually decided to summarize our know-how releasing this new technical dossier (download the document here) gathering Method Statements for our most relevant systems.

The Beirut workshop will be a great opportunity for Italian companies. What do you expect?

Besides being a great opportunity for networking with other Italian companies, this event will enable us to better understand the specific needs and problems of highly qualified designers and businesses operating in the Lebanese restoration sector.

What is your view of Italy's role in preserving historic and monumental heritage in the Middle East and North Africa?

Italy, with its diverse historical and monumental heritage, and thanks to the experience gained in its ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, is a great example for those who work in the Mediterranean basin. The renovation of historic buildings is an instrument of knowledge and preservation of the national identity as well as a direct and indirect economic development flywheel. From this point of view, sensitivity to these issues is very high, even abroad.

What are the main initiatives at the workshop?

The workshop includes institutional and academic presentations as well as initiatives related to participating companies. Large space will also be given to application tests, with two days of training at the site. One day we will be in the archaeological site of Baalbek and another one in Tire. It will be an amazing experience.

Baalbek archaelogical site in Lebanon

What will Kimia introduce in those days?

The contribution we will give during the part we can call the "theoretical" one of the workshop will have a very technical approach. We will go through several traditional and innovative intervention techniques and talk about best practices, but it is not enough. We will also focus on the most common mistakes made during design, material selection and execution in Italy over time. If it is true that "experience" is the name given to mistakes, then I think that highlighting them allow you to catch the spirit of sharing the knowledge which is the base principle of the workshop.

As you said, there will also be some practical tests, right?

Yes. As for the operational part of the event, Baalbek's archaeological site will test structural solutions. Kimia has chosen to present both its traditional solutions (mortar injections"Limepor",  plasters reinforced using "Tectoria" ) and the most innovative ones such as the Kimitech and Kimisteel composite systems.

From Kimitech range we will also show the connection device FRP-LOCK PR, already used to connect Michelangelo's Rondanini Pietà to the basement on which it was repositioned at EXPO 2016. In Tiro we will focus on cleaners, consolidators and protectors of "Kimistone" range.

Anchoring of the Pietà Rondanini to the seismic basement

We would like to thank Eng. Diego Aisa for his willingness and wish a good luck to ITA, Assorestauro and all the companies that will take part in the workshop in Lebanon.

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