Kimia S.p.A.

Kimia in Lebanon

Lebanon hosts Byblos, the most ancient city in the world. You can discover several archaeological sites such as Balbeeck and Tiro, forteresses and castles: Tripoli and Sidone.
Kimia must be there! Its products are known all over the country thanks to Joseph Hajjar Est.
Since 1986, Joseph Hajjar Est provides a wide range of quality products to use in all areas of construction and a wide range of innovative speciality construction chemicals and materials.
As a leader in this domain, with a heritage of proven performance and the present geared to state-of-the-art technology, Joseph Hajjar Est products can be found in nearly every major project in Lebanon.
Joseph Hajjar Est not only delivers a level of service over all Lebanese territories within 24 hours of order request but also a support for his clients that is unique.

Joseph Hajjar Est.
Cebaco Center, Dora main road,
P.O. Box 90-1251
Beirut, Lebanon
Fax: +961 12 439 73
Tel.: +961 12 56 389 - +961 12 570 44
Mob.: +961 34 489 46

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