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The Church of San Domenico

Job site Consolidation and restoring of the Church of San Domenico in L'Aquila
Year 2015
City L'Aquila
Area L'Aquila

Client Provveditorato Interregionale alle OO.PP. per il Lazio, l'Abruzzo e la Sardegna
Designer Arch. Paolo Rocchi
Site management Arch. Maurizio D'antonio
Intervention fields Structural interventions with resins tissues and pultruded
Structural interventions with lime based products
Anchoring, injections and structural tying

The Church of San Domenico in L'Aquila was built in 1309 in behalf of Carlo II d'Angiò. It was damaged and consolidated several times in the last centuries own to heavy earthquakes which hit the area. The earthquake in 2009 caused crackes and collapses, especially:

  • the higher part of the facade
  • the barrel vaults covering the transept
  • vaults covering the naves
  • covering vaults of the apse

Long and hard restoration and consolidation measures (still in progress) have been adopted. The project managers have developed innovative solutions to fix the structural flaws and improve the stability of the building.

Vaults consolidation with reinforcing castings

Our Tectoria Coccioforte, a tri-component reinforcing system, was chosen for the covering vault of the right branch of the transept. The extrados surface of the affected vault has been consolidated by means of shoring, sealing the cracks on the extrados and applying a reinforcing casting with Tectoria COCCIOFORTE. The reinforcing casting has been anchored to perimetral walls with metal profiles.

Structural consolidation of the Church of San Domenico in L'Aquila with Tectoria COCCIOFORTE

They follow the same procedures to consolidate:

  • vaults covering the apse and the adjacent chapels
  • vaults of side naves and arches separating spans.

The measures adopted using Tectoria COCCIOFORTE have been collected in our large photogallery below, thanks to our Area Manager Arch. Michele Pesaola.

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