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Reinforcing castings with Tectoria COCCIOFORTE

Reinforcing castings with Tectoria COCCIOFORTE

Tectoria COCCIOFORTE is the innovative reinforcing system for arches and vaults developed by Kimia. It was born to replace traditional mortar reinforcing castings, it does not affect the existing elements. What’s it about? We can give you 5 reasons to choose this new product.

Last but not least, at the end of the article you can download our digital pack with our Technical Handbook and Instructions “Reinforcing castings with Tectoria COCCIOFORTE”.

Reinforced castings: disadvantages

Traditional mortar reinforcing castings

In Italy we often find arches and vaults subject to degradation own to earthquakes and structural failures.

The reinforcing casting is one of the most relevant intervention technique for the stiffening of the structure (composite materials could not ensure it) and to evenly distribute the weight on the vault surface. Consolidation, by means of reinforcing casting, connects the vault to an extradossal counter-vault.

The site managements and superintendences rarely accept this technique, especially for prestigious buildings, owing to its weak points:

  • High increasing of weight
  • ​Influence on temperature and humidity balances
  • Drilling is necessary for the embedding of the anchoring metal pieces, damaging the substrate permanently
  • It cannot be applied on painted substrates: some salts could rise on the lower surface, producing mechanical and chemical damages, because of the water used for mixing the mortar

Tectoria COCCIOFORTE: the breakthrough system

Kimia developed Tectoria COCCIOFORTE to overcome this kind of problems, replacing traditional mortars.

Tectoria COCCIOFORTE is an innovative reinforcement system, made of time-honoured tradition aggregates mixed with ecological organic binders.

Laying of Tectoria COCCIOFORTE

Our solution is mechanically compatible and respects humidity balances of the existing structures:

  1. Suitable for decorated intradosses
    It does not contain mortars realeasing water which could damage frescoes.
  2. Easy application
    Mix it using a concrete mixer, it is easy to lay. The casting has to be connected only to perimeter walls. The adhesion of the organic binder to the substrate assures the right functioning of the casting on the covered surface. Given its tensile, compressive and flexural strenghts, laying metal nets and embedding connectors is not necessary. It is possible to easily create stiffening ribs.
  3. Fast seasoning
    Tectoria COCCIOFORTE dries in 7 days unlike traditional mortars which usually develop their final strenghts in 28 days.
  4. Reversibility
    This system does not irreversibly affect the vault, no achoring needed. It can be removed by heat treatment.
  5. Performance and compatibility
    Weight decreases thanks to the reduced thincknesses. Low elastic modulus, excellent tensile and flexural strenghts.Perfectly suitable for ancient and monumental buildings thanks to its colours, "cocciopesto" and "avorio".

Tectoria COCCIOFORTE color variant: "Cocciopesto" & "Avorio"

Tectoria COCCIOFORTE for San Domenico church in L'Aquila

Tectoria COCCIOFORTE ensures compatibility and reversibility. It is a perfect system to reinforce the vaults of churches and historic monumental buildingsThe church of San Domenico in L'Aquila is a great example, it was heavily damaged by the earthquake in 2009. 

Download the digital pack

Futher info of our new system? Fill in the webform and download the "Digital pack". The pack includes our Technical Handbook and Instructions "Reinforcing castings with Tectoria COCCIOFORTE". 
If you need technical assistance for your project or in the job site write us a message. We can provide technical notes, suggestions for the application, offers and product samples.

Download free the digital pack "Tectoria COCCIOFORTE"


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