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Structural strengthening of school "Cesare Vecellio" gym

Job site Seismic retrofit of school "Cesare Vecellio" gym
Year 2016
City Lentiai
Area Belluno

Client Comune di Lentiai
Designer Engineering Studio Eng. Denio Dal Pont and Eng. Pietro Dal Sasso
Site management Arch. Elisa De Bridda
Building company Veneta Dal Farra s.r.l.; Edilsystem s.r.l.
Intervention fields Structural interventions with resins tissues and pultruded

The renovation and seismic retrofit works are still in progress in schools all over Italy. This time we will focus on the seismic retrofit of the school "Cesare Vecellio" gym in Lentiai, in the province of Belluno. The intervention, made using Kimia FRP reinforcing systems, has been planned by the Engineering Studio Dal Pont & Dal Sasso.

The structural strengthening, renovation and seismic retrofit of r.c. roof and walls have been carried out as follows:

  • plaster removal and primerization of the surface in order to lay carbon fibre mesh;
  • laying of epoxy glue Kimitech TX 311 to level the surface;
  • fresh laying of unidirectional carbon mesh Kimitech CB 320 in double layer on two sides of the surface and on existing concrete beams head;
  • carbon mesh impregnation applying epoxy resin Kimitech EP-IN;
  • fresh laying of quartz Kimifill 1F before protective skim coating Betonfix R30.

School gym in Lentiai. Carbon fibre mesh reinforcement.
Structural strengthening of the walls with carbon fiber mesh has been carried out on the internal and external surface. In order to ensure a satisfactory strength of the reinforcement, connections were made with carbon rods Kimitech TONDO CB and Kimitech Fiocco CB, impregnated with epoxy resin Kimitech EP-IN.
Inside the holes the tixothropic two-component adhesive Kimitech EP-TX has been injected.

The steps for the repairing of concrete masonry cracks are listed below:

  • cracks fleshing and demolition of plaster and counter-wall; 
  • sealing of cracks using the epoxy mortar Kimitech TX311;
  • injection of epoxy resin Kimitech EP-IN;
  • holes grouting;
  • plaster and internal counter-wall renovation for the final painting.

Thanks to our Venetian Technical Support Area Manager Enrico Bevilacqua for all the info and pics provided.


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