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Pantheon Church of St. Thomas

Job site The Pantheon Church of St. Thomas roofs waterproofing
Year 2015
City Siracusa
Area Siracusa

Client Comune di Siracusa
Building company Geom. Andrea Buda
Intervention fields Waterproofing works

Pantheon Church of St.Thomas, designed by Gaetano Rapisardi and built in 1919, is the most significant monument of the city of Siracusa dedicated to the fallen of the First World War. Circular, cylindrical section, it consists of large pillars supporting a balcony and, on top, a small bell tower in reinforced concrete.

The roofs waterproofing intervention on the monumental Church, in April 2015, involved a total area of ​​300 square metres. It was sealed with two-component cementitious system Kimicover GUAINA. The surface to be waterproofed has previously been treated with epoxy primer Kimicover FIX MV, to improve the protection of the surface and the adhesion of the liquid membrane.

Joints were treated using the proper sealing treatment with polyurethane sealant in cartridge Tecnoseal 130 and placing the adhesive elastic strip Kimicover JOINT.

The cementitious system Kimicover GUAINA was made through the application of the first coat of the product inside the Kimitech TNT net, covered with a second coat and get an elastic and homogeneous waterproofing system across the surface.




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