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Since 1979, Kimia has produced a complete range of products for building restoration, recovery and maintenance. With twenty years of specialization, it can offer truly dynamic products. In fact, Kimia is constantly updating its lines of products to respond promptly to new problems related to building recovery and restoration and to keep up with the technological progress being applied in the construction field. In addition, the reliability of Kimia products has been confirmed by the worst kind of test: the architectural heritage damaged by the earthquake in 1984 and consolidated with Kimia products was not touched in the least by the earthquakes that years later - starting in September of 1997 - once again violently struck the territory of Umbria and the Marches.

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Kimisteel GLV 650


Kimisteel GLV 650 is a unidirectional reinforcement fabric made of high-resistance galvanized zinc plated filaments. The product can be used with inorganic matrices to achieve structural consolidation of masonry, reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete. The choice of the matrix depends on the kind of substrate on which the product is applied, the mechanical strength, the elastic modulus required for the system, the intended use environment and the vapor permeability required to the system.

Use cases

  • Reinforcement for masonry structures;
  • Creating reinforced edge beams;
  • Vault consolidation;
  • Structural reinforcement for beams and joists;
  • Pillar and column confinement;
  • Creating prefabricated concrete elements with light reinforcement;
  • Creating reinforced clay bricks.


  • Performing: high mechanical strength with reduced thicknesses and weights.
  • Versatile: it can be applied on both wall structures and times as well as for the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures; May be used with inorganic matrices in relation to mechanical strength, type of use environment and vapor permeability required by the system; pre-tensioning for curl or bandage operations.
  • Easy to apply: fast and easy laying even in ready-made work.

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