Kimia S.p.A.

Since 1979, Kimia has produced a complete range of products for building restoration, recovery and maintenance. With twenty years of specialization, it can offer truly dynamic products. In fact, Kimia is constantly updating its lines of products to respond promptly to new problems related to building recovery and restoration and to keep up with the technological progress being applied in the construction field. In addition, the reliability of Kimia products has been confirmed by the worst kind of test: the architectural heritage damaged by the earthquake in 1984 and consolidated with Kimia products was not touched in the least by the earthquakes that years later - starting in September of 1997 - once again violently struck the territory of Umbria and the Marches.

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Kimipaint HYDRO


Kimipaint HYDRO is a white anchoring primer with excellent resistance to alkalis. Good filling power and coverage thanks to loads with a maximum grain size of 150 μm. It allows a good consolidation of the wall thanks to its excellent penetration. Ideal as a primer for thick products.

Use cases

Primer for old plasters, old painting, all types of masonry, concrete panels, fiber cement. Specific for applications on systems with acrylic finishes. Suitable for applications in the KIMITHERM certified system.

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