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Antievaporante W


Curing agent in aqueous emulsion creating a uniform film on the concrete, slightly elastic, impermeable to water and air. Type 1 system, according to UNI 8656.

Use cases

The curing agent is used for the protection of freshly made concrete castings from rapid evaporation of water due to sun and wind. It is particurarly suitable for works such as industrial flooring, external flooring airport runways, plasters of dams, bridges, canals and tanks.


<ul> <li><strong>Performing: </strong>improves mechanical strength and avoid concrete degradation. Reduces surface dustiness. Reduces plastic shrinkage cracks.</li> <li> <p><strong>Easy to apply</strong>: reduce manpower time and cost than traditional castings protection systems (water, plastic sheets, wet jute bags).</p> </li> </ul>

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