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Use of cookies on the site

In compliance with EU regulation No. 2016/679 (GDPR) and Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003 concerning the protection of personal data, we wish to inform you that the personal data supplied by you are processed by Kimia S.p.A. (later called Kimia).


Our website uses cookies, text files sent from the site to the user terminal (usually to the browser), where they are stored. The different types are shown below.

Technical cookies are completely anonymous in order to improve the use of the site and save some choices.

Statistical cookies (or analytics) allow us to collect and analyze anonymous information about your browsing behavior. Through analytical cookies, Kimia S.p.A. gets statistical data, monitors sessions and stores information on the use of the website. Thanks to some technical precautions, these cookies, such as technical cookies, do not allow the collection of your personal information, do not connect your IP address to your identity and they are not used in any way for marketing purposes.

Third-party profiling cookies can be used, prior consent, to send targeted advertisements to the user's terminal consistent with the preferences already expressed by the user in the online navigation.


This website uses several types of cookies with different functions:

    • Technical navigation cookies, to save some choices of the user related to the navigation interface, such as language or font size which allow you to save your own settings at each new access to the site.
    • Google Analytics cookies, to collect and process your browsing data, addresses in URI notation of the requested resources, the time of the request, the size of the file got in response; the data are collected for the sole purpose of processing anonymous statistical information on the use of the site (pages visited, duration of sessions, geographical area of origin, use of the site, etc.) and to test its functioning; in the case of Google Analytics we have disabled the sharing of information with Google and we have activated the anonymization of the IP address

    These technical and analytical/statistical cookies used do not allow the collection of your personal information, do not try to link your IP address to your identity and are not used in any way for marketing purposes.

    Further information:
    Google Analytics:

    • Cookie marketing/profiling doubleclick (r/collect): these cookies allow you to display relevant and engaging ads and then to show customised ads.
    • Cookie marketing/profiling of Facebook (fr, tr): these cookies allow Facebook to offer Facebook Products and understand the information received, including information on the use of other websites or apps, whether you are registered or not or logged in.
    • WhatsHelp marketing/profiling cookies: cookies allow Kimia website to use the instant messaging services offered by the WhatsHelp platform

    Further information: oppure


Technical cookies, having the purpose of guaranteeing navigation and providing the services offered by the site, are stored in the devices used by the user and their presence could persist in them even after navigation for later accesses.

For third-party analytical/statistical cookies, as in the case of Google Analytics, the data, collected in anonymous and aggregate form, is stored within Google Analytics for 26 months, to allow us to compare statistics over that period.

Finally, for third-party profiling cookies, data is retained for two years to allow customization of ads on search engines.


The provision of profiling/third-party cookies is not mandatory: you can choose whether or not to enable some types of cookies, but you can have some limitations in the features of the website. Technical cookies instead are intrinsically necessary for the correct functioning of the site and must be stored in the user's computer. However, these cookies are used to store some user preferences (background color, last page visited, format of some graphics, etc ...) and do not involve personal or navigation data in any way.
Below, by selecting the appropriate control, you can choose which cookies you wish to activate or deactivate while browsing our website. This preference can be changed at any time.

They save some user preferences and allow us to monitor statistics of access to the website in a completely anonymous way. In order to use the website it is mandatory to authorize the installation of this type of cookie.

The plugin "Add To Any" allows you to instantly share the pages visited with your contacts through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc ...) or through messaging services such as email and Whatsapp.

The WhatsHelp plugin allows you to contact almost instantly Kimia using Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

Allows you to link some Facebook campaigns related to our business (conferences, participation in fairs, etc. ...) to certain sections of the website to simplify operations such as invitations and registrations at conferences/fairs, and presenting customised content based on the choices made.


All visitors of the website.


External SEO companies, suppliers of analytical cookies (data sent anonymously and deactivating the cross-reference of data), cookie profiling providers (data sent prior user consent).


Processing for technical and analytical purposes of anonymous data, with obscuration of the IP address and without transmission of data to third parties.

Profiling treatment (prior user consent) made by third parties with their own cookies, and not by the publisher of the site, notification to the Guarantor is not needed.

Consent to the use of cookies requested through the information banner on the site (and reduced after the first consent) with a link to this statement.


External SEO companies, Google Analytics as a platform for statistics consultation, but without data communication to Google (in any case the data collected and sent are always anonymous), other third-party platforms for the profiling of user preferences (prior explicit consent of the site user). As for the processing of data carried out by Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social platforms, please refer to the related information.


There is no automated decision making or profiling process.


There are no transfers of personal data outside the EU, except with the user's consent in the case of profiling cookies.


The interested party, at any time, has the possibility to assert the following rights:

  • right to know and emend the data being processed (in any case, data are collected in anonymous form)
  • right to limit or revoke the processing by blocking cookies in your browser 
  • right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor using the specific forms available on the website


The data controller is Kimia S.p.A., Via Del Rame, 73 - 06134 Perugia (PG). You can contact us by letter or :

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