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Thermal insulations

Thermal insulations

Here you are method statements related to thermal insulation

Betonfix RS and Betonfix R30 are used for the adhesion and skimming of insulation panels of different types. Kibitherm, our certified ETICS system (ETA n.06/0149), is  composed by adhesive and skimming mortar Betonfix RS, EPS boards, fiberglass net, finishing and accessory materials (aluminum profiles, polypropylene locking pins).

In order to get the ETA, the Kibitherm system has been tested by the ITC (CNR) verifying its properties in terms of impact resistance (the system, classified as CLASS II for impact resistance, can withstand impacts without showing breaking with energies equal to 3J (spherical body of ½ kg dropped from 0.61 m in height) and durability (Kibitherm guarantees very high performance in terms of adhesion, even after ageing, of absortion of capilarity and vapor permeability. Its properties are 3-4 times higher than the limits required by the regulations).

External thermal insulation composite systems

To bond insulating panels for external insulation systems, apply 3.5- 4.5 kg/m² (depending on the substrate's planarity) of Betonfix RS or Betonfix R30 to the outer rims of the panel and to the fixing points in the central areas, ensuring that the product does not overspill onto the joints between the insulating panels during installation.

To finish the interventions, apply a coat of the mortar so as to form a first layer of 1-2 mm thickness (2 - 2.5 kg/m²). After application and before the product sets, lay the 160 g/m² reinforcing mesh, being careful to fully embed it in the base layer. After the first layer has set, apply a second layer of Betonfix RS about 1-1.5 mm thick. At least 1.5-2 kg/m² must be used for this second coat.

External thermal isolation composite systems

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Ing. Diego Aisa, Chief of Export Department

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