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Enrico Jr. Manes is the new Head of Kimia Export Department

Enrico JR. Manes and Diego Aisa


Enrico Jr. Manes is the new Head of the Export Department at Kimia S.p.A., a benchmark in the field of building restoration and structural consolidation technologies.

The new Head of Export Department will coordinate the technical support and commercial development activities in foreign markets and boost the internationalization strategies.

He is 35 years old, a civil engineer and former Kimia Technical Advisor for the earthquake area in Central Italy. Enrico Jr. Manes has a wide international experience in the construction industry. He worked for four years in the Sub-Saharan Africa as a project engineer for an important Belgian construction company and as a technical consultant.

Enrico Jr. Manes will take office in the place of Eng. Diego Aisa to whom Kimia expresses heartfelt thanks and the most sincere wishes for his professional future for the important contribution given to the company during his long permanence.

Diego Aisa wants to greet our international partners and introduce the new Export Manager: «It was a real honour for me working for Kimia and comparing myself over time with cultures and professionals near and far. Now a new path is waiting for me but I will always keep in mind with pleasure the memory of my experience. Enrico Jr. Manes has an important technical background. I'm sure he will do an excellent job, as he has already done in Central Italy in the areas hit by the earthquake. Our partners can count on the technical and commercial support of an high-skilled professional».

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Enrico Jr. ManesEnrico Jr. Manes
Head of Export Department | Kimia



Kimia is based in Perugia and since 1979 is one of the most important and appreciated company in the field of materials and technologies for building restoration. The company manufactures and sells lime-based mortars, cement mortars, resins, composite materials for structural consolidation. Kimia just got the "Certificate of Technical Eligibility for Employment" for 10 carbon fiber systems. This makes it the company with the highest number of certified FRP composite systems in Italy.

The experience and the quality of Kimia products is highlighted by the prestigious building sites carried out using Kimia products: The waterproofing of the Trevi fountain, the post-earthquake securing works in Central Italy, the restoration and structural reinforcement of the Italy Viaduct (the second in Europe by height), the restoration of the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, the Royal Palace of Caserta, the San Carlo Theatre of Naples, the Procuratie Vecchie in Venice, the Basilica of San Francesco of Assisi, the Central Station in Milan, the TBM of Thessaloniki Metro, the Science Museum in Malta, the Chapel of the Italians in Prague and the Oceanographic of Valencia.

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